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Who we are

Identance has been out since 2018, we are identity verification software solution, we provide businesses with seamless user onboarding, fraud prevention, KYC/AML and KYB automation.

With Identance you don’t have to worry about meeting KYC/AML/GDPR standards as not only we capture, collect and store data - we verify documents and people, preventing any fraudulent actions.

Our mission

Providing transparency and security globally using top-notch compliance practices.

We tailor the service according to your needs, we are the ones to adjust our product to match your experience, not vice versa
In-house compliance department
We have a team of professionals who can help set up the onboarding, investigate and review difficult cases and share knowledge.
Industry experience
Over 7 years experience starting in 2013 while being internal part of one of the biggest UK-based cryptocurrency exchanges.
Advanced fraud prevention systems
Our expert system allows us to set up detailed rules on accepting or rejecting customers based on multiple parameters such as age, residence, type of document, etc.

Identance Hunter

Using proven detection rules, Hunter screens for, and highlights potentially fraudulent applications, stopping fraudsters before they become a customer, increasing fraud savings, and assisting in management and control of bad debt.

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