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AML for modern businesses

According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, criminals launder an equivalent of 5% of the world's GDP every year. This translates into over $2 trillion. Modern financial technologies have made it easier to send money across the world. With a swipe of the finger, you can transfer thousands of dollars from one corner of the globe to the other. While these technologies have indeed facilitated our lives, they help bad actors commit money laundering and other modern-day financial crimes.

This is why AML (anti money laundering) efforts are more important now than ever. There is a collective need to fight the crime and you should be part of the fight as well. This is possible through AML compliance.

What is Anti Money Laundering

Financial activity which hints at money laundering. These activities include tax evasion, concealing sources of income, funding terrorism, aiding human trafficking, etc. Regardless of where the company is based, all local bodies impose AML requirements. So, be it AML Seattle, Europe, or Asia authorities, the fundamental principles are the same.

Businesses need efficient AML tools to track financial transactions right from their initial source to the final destination. This way, it will be easy to sniff out any suspicious activity. Running an error-free AML process is tedious. This is why money services businesses that need BSA/AML compliance turn to niche-specific companies for expert advice. Identance is one such company.

AML Compliance Services by Identance

At Identance, we provide customers with identity verification services and run an excellent AML program. Our AML analyst team will help you handle any compliance worries and guide you through the process. We understand the global effects of money laundering and have developed custom AML banking solutions to fight off the threat. Smart systems efficiently detect suspicious patterns, report them, and enforce measures outlined in AML regulations.

We constantly improve our services to ensure that we are one step ahead of the criminals. This is why we have designed solutions for the rising crypto industry. Our AML Bitcoin tool addresses many of the AML/KYC crypto crimes. To prove it, look at the key features of our solution.

What our AML software solution entails

We have worked out an elaborate AML verification strategy for businesses that need BSA/AML compliance. Still, it is easy to incorporate our process into their day-to-day running. Here’s what to expect from our verification services. Before onboarding a new client, you submit their personal information. We will run it through our software and check whether it corresponds to the compliance program.

As a provider of AML/KYC procedures, we also take care of transaction monitoring. We have access to the world's largest databases of blacklisted criminals and other malicious characters. Thus, our software detects suspicious enterprises and flags them. Once we ascertain that a customer has a shady background, we will notify you immediately.

Who Needs our AML verification services?

Money laundering can take place in any industry. We, therefore, believe that any modern-day business should invest in verification services. There are, however, some industries, which have to follow AML regulations by law. These are industries with loopholes, which criminals exploit to promote their shady activities. These include businesses related to cryptocurrency, banking, online gambling and gaming, real estate, and the like.

Whether your company requires AML finance compliance by law or not, you have every reason to use AML technology. Here’s why you should invest in verification.

Business Security
Did you know that you could find yourself outside the law by onboarding customers indicted for money laundering? So, you could potentially lose your business and get imprisoned. When conducting investigations on criminals, businesses that cooperate with them always undergo thorough screening. If law enforcement authorities find out that you haven’t conducted proper AML background checks, you could be in deep trouble. Don't risk losing your business, invest in verification.

Keep Bad Players Out
By not running an AML compliance program, you will be supporting bad players to thrive. In other words, you will abet criminals to promote drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorism, and financial crimes.
By investing in solutions, you will be keeping the bad players out and making the world a better place to live for all.

Streamline Your Onboarding Process
With AML/KYC policies in place, all your new clients go through the same procedures of AML transaction monitoring. This streamlines the entire onboarding process, making it hassle-free both for you and for the client.
Now that we have seen the benefits of investing in AML technology, why should you hire Identance for AML software solutions?

Why Choose Us for the Best AML Solutions

There are many companies, which offer identity verification services. Why should you choose Identance over them all? Here are some of the reasons why we are the best in the business.

Whether you run an online payments platform, a banking service, a gaming venue, or any other business for that matter, we are flexible enough to accommodate you. We offer AML gaming, AML casino, AML Bitcoin solutions among other identity verification services. Our software fits into practically any modern-day company which runs a risk mitigation program. Also, our solutions are available worldwide. So, you can always opt for Identance, when choosing verification products with a global reach.

Here at Identance, we specialize in multi-purpose AML verification. We understand what it takes to run comprehensive background checks on an individual or a company before you can transact with them. We are constantly researching to keep up with the modern trends in AML risk prevention technology. This helps us offer the best possible service at all times. We have a team of analysts and have invested in the best AML analysis tools to ensure that we eliminate every risk.

Automated Service Delivery
There is little to no human intervention in our AML solutions. We have automated every aspect to make our service fast and accurate.
Automated service delivery is crucial as it helps us serve millions of customers simultaneously. Despite the high load, our AML products are designed to be easily scalable. Besides, our experts have engineered the systems to be error-tolerant and resilient.

Continuous Support
With our AML systems, the process of monitoring your clients doesn't stop after onboarding. This is because there are cases when customers indulge themselves in illegal activity after onboarding. We, therefore, always keep an eye out to detect any suspicious activity. Whether it takes a week, a few months, or even years, our AML technology is there to detect alarming patterns in the transactions made by your clients. This ensures that you remain safe at all times.

Multiple Device/Platform Support
The nature of dealings varies from one customer to another. Some people transact using their mobile devices, others do business from their personal computers, and still others have not yet gone digital.
Our AML/KYC compliance products cover every type of customer. You can choose to use our readily available API for automated checks, download our mobile application for verification on the go, or consult us for the best integration method which suits your business.
Whatever method of integration you opt for, our customer support team will be on hand to help you get the best out of our service.
Don't risk losing your business because you are not AML compliant. Hire Identance today for the best AML software solutions at affordable rates.

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