Biometric verification

Digital identity verification that protects your business and safeguards growth.

Biometric safeguard of your business: excellent integrity and reliability

Doing business is not an easy task. The question of security can’t be ignored. Online as well as offline fraud is not rare. That’s why it’s of prime importance to ensure the safety of operations. Our service is your best assistant when it comes to secure and riskless online activities.

We offer you to experience all the advantages of biometric verification. Although it’s a relatively new type of verifying identity, it has already won numerous supporters all over the globe. Blockchain platforms, financial institutions, insurance offices, and even online shops benefit from using biometric enrolment procedures. If you think that it’s available and affordable only for giant corporations, we are ready to prove otherwise.

Biometric enrolment: 5 Reasons to implement it

The modern market offers a wide range of data protection services, including biometric technology. There are many ways you can identify your clients or potential partners. The most common ways of identification include using client-owned items like keys or cards, utilizing a secret word, providing official documents. For instance, it’s not secure to use the client’s credentials from social networks. While enquiring extra documents via formal request is a time- and energy-consuming process. Biometric data is the winning variant. There are 5 reasons why you should implement this type of verification:

  • Accessibility for any user
  • High convenience
  • Significant reliability
  • Simplicity of usage
  • Universal standardization

Top-quality biometric technology: Major features

Although nowadays even a smartphone has a fingerprint scanner or Face ID, not all people clearly understand the sense of biometric verification. One of the most popular and well-known methods is live biometric authentication. It allows distinguishing a real person from an artificial object. Even if someone puts a top-quality dummy in front of the web camera, the program will still recognize that it’s not a real person.

We apply the best technologies: sensors, feature extraction, matchers. They possess a wide range of benefits you can’t but appreciate. Below, you can find a few distinctive features of the reviewed process you should know about. We pay attention not only to technological features but also to appealing design and the ease of use of biometric information.

Accurate and Fast

The first two advantages are essential in terms of performance and security:

  • Top accuracy
Biometric scanner processes that we offer are accurate and precise since the program considers several factors. These are face recognition, fingerprint analysis, and voice recognition. No matter which type of identification you choose, you may be sure the risk of mistake is minimized.

  • Fast work
We use a reader that is able to process many pieces of information in no time. No customer wants to fill in numerous online forms in order to complete the identification process. It takes up to a minute to complete the process of online identification with the help of a fingerprint reader or Face ID option, compare the target biometric document, and prove the identity.

Always On-time and Entertaining

And the next two features are focused on the results and the process itself:

  • Immediate results
How long does it take to check all the documents? Everyone who has done it knows it’s not a lightning-fast process. It may take up to a few weeks. Yet, if you decide to implement a biometric security process you will appreciate fast results. The database of biometric info may include up to millions of samples. It takes a couple of minutes to complete the check liveness and verify it.

  • The process is captivating
Who says the process of identification should be boring and extra serious? If your clients are provided with the option to complete a biometric screening instead of filling in copious documents, they will more likely come back to your platform.

So, what about the reasons we’ve mentioned above? If you’re curious about them, let’s look in more detail:

  • Accessibility. A customer doesn't need to provide any docs to pass the identification. They should use the biometric reader and that’s it. Besides, we offer various samples to meet the expectations of every client.
  • Convenience. There are no complicated rules you should follow to set up the process. You should only scan fingerprints, face, eye, etc., depending on the type of the chosen biometric check options. The program then finds the needed pattern and compares it. The procedure can be completed anywhere and at any time.
  • Reliability. It’s almost impossible to fake bio data. It’s based on the physiological measurements that are unique to each person. It’s always with the customer and cannot be forgotten.
  • Simplicity. You may be surprised to know that a biometric reader can be installed right on the smartphone. Everything one should do is launch an online scanner or reader and follow the instructions. If you have trouble integrating our products, you can always get assistance and support from our experts.
  • Universal usage. The set of standard options and the ability to enlarge the functionality of the service according to your needs makes our product extra popular among entrepreneurs in many countries. Template generation is used to reach the highest level of identification accuracy. Tolerance to fingerprint rotation and deformation allows using the service via any device. The option of spoof prevention helps to detect possible changes in appearance. It detects users with contact lenses or fake iris texture.

Biometric fingerprint and other forms of verification are a must when it comes to steady and successful functioning of your business.

Everyone who has ever tried to improve their business by implementing biometric verification rarely switches back to traditional ways of identification. Yet, like any other novelties, biometric ID has its difficulties and peculiarities. They include the process of finding proper readers or scanners, customization, equipment set-up and adjustment.

The following pieces of advice are to help you cope with the possible problems.

  • The first thing you should do is to research biometric identification methodology. When you realize that fingerprints and tones of voice are unique and very difficult to duplicate, you will definitely understand why biometric protection is so popular.
  • The next thing to do is download and install a tool for biometric access control. These days the whole world could be placed inside a single smartphone. No wonder we offer to try our application, too. There are variants for both iOS and Android. It takes a couple of minutes to run an app. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, anyone can use it without problems. Clear step-by-step instructions allow maintaining trouble-free operation of the service. When it comes to the identification process itself, it works as follows. First, the service is provided with a reference model. If face identification or a fingerprint is not appropriate, the biometric application informs about it. It’s up to you to choose the most convenient physiological measurements for identification. The most widespread are fingerprints, face, eyes.
  • One more thing we want to highlight is the process of biometric analysis. We have a specific biometric database that helps us generate accurate results. After a user provides the reference model to the service, it’s encrypted and stored in a database within the device or remote server. Then, as they need to pass authentication, the program compares the provided data with the reference model.

As it turns out, thanks to modern technologies of identity verification, you can eliminate monotonous gathering and scanning endless documents. Moreover, biometrics doesn’t change over the years. It means you don’t need to refresh the information every year, for instance. Biometrics can be used not only as a form of identification but also as access control. It is a necessary part of the powerful two-factor authentication. Therefore, it’s the most appropriate replacement for passwords and a helpful tool for fraud prevention.

Alongside various advantages, it’s worth mentioning the most common cons of biometric recognition. Many people are unwilling to provide their personal data to service companies. They are afraid that one can use their fingerprint scans or face recognition in order to commit scams and frauds. If you decide to use our service, you don’t need to worry about it. We know everything about reliable biometric data protection.

Besides, it’s worth noting that we strictly follow the existing laws and GDPR biometric data regulations. They forbid the use of collected private data for personal needs. We do not sell and do not make our clients’ and users’ personal data available to third parties.

When you entrust us with your business, you may be sure we will help you boost it. Creating a reliable and credible reputation is the key to the growth of any company. Biometric protection is an easy way to create a secure environment and gain new reliable clients. Moreover, it’s an effective means of minimizing online scamming. Although even the biometric protection can be cracked, it’s still one of the most accurate ways to identify a person. It reduces costs and makes your business more trustworthy.

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