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Employment verification: Know all the ins and outs

There are numerous ways to gather and check the information about the definite person. For example, you may look for the needed data on the social network profile. Although it’s an outstanding source of information, it doesn’t often provide correct data. It’s also possible to Google-search. Yet, this method works only in the case of famous people. The next way to gather info is to check various public records.

All the above-mentioned methods are quite energy-consuming and unreliable. The data you get may be false, especially when it comes to social networks. That’s why it’s better to use credible online services that offer a wide range of identity verification options. Employment verification is one of the effective and proven ways to get info. Let’s explore this option.

Verification of employment: Necessary information

Firstly, look at the types of info that should be checked during verification of employment. It’s important to provide the following information:

  • Identity of a job applicant
  • The type of the job
  • Employment start date
  • Employer identification number

It’s also possible to get employment verification services in order to clarify some details. Yet, it’s unacceptable to request any private information. Moreover, there can be details protected from disclosure. The law demands differ. It’s one of the reasons why it’s complicated to complete the process of verification by yourself. Our employment verification background check offers provide you with those types of information that can be disclosed. When you use our platform, you may be sure — you do not break the law.

Major advantages of employment verification services

Further, we’re going to talk about the benefits of employment verification documents and the related services. It’s clear that you can conduct the process of verification by yourself. Yet, there are several advantages you get if you use our service. The thing is that a professional approach to employment verification checks is always more preferable because it’s much safer, faster, and more convenient.
Talking about benefits, imagine a situation. If you run your own verification of employment statement, you may be wrong. And you will face certain issues in case of failure. However, when a dedicated team handles this process, you can be sure in the quality because such services always come with guarantees. It’s only one advantage. There are more. Let’s look at them.

Global and extremely quick reach

The first two benefits focus on the coverage. We work in various states and countries, checking employment verification and income. We’re sure that this is the highest level of services.

  • Our experts work globally

For example, if you need employment verification California based entities require, you’ll get it. Our experts cooperate with companies from most countries.

  • Fast speed of work

Our clients are interested in quick results. Our employment verification company provides the ready results in the shortest period of time. We gather all the needed data about work experience, professional skills, and income. Moreover, with our tool, it’s possible to complete Social Security employment verification. This option verifies that the Social Security numbers of the clients and their names match Social Security Administration's record.

Cost-efficient but Accurate Results

We aim at providing the best services without overcharging you. Our pricing method is transparent, and our results are time-proven. You can try it yourself or check our accomplishments.

  • Accurate results

When it comes to the employment verification process, the risks of mistakes should be minimal. It’s necessary to check whether the names of the companies, titles of the positions, and stated duties correspond to each other. All the figures and names should be correct. We can ensure that you always get the most accurate results possible when using our services.

  • Reasonable prices

If you are afraid that you will pay too much for using our service, there is no reason to worry. The final bill depends on the number of checks you need. The standard employment income verification is affordable for everyone.

All in all, verification of the team members and other workers should be treated in two different ways — from the employee’s point of view and from the employer’s standpoint. Let’s consider the first case.

If you are looking for a new job, you should be ready to prove that you are able to cope with professional tasks and challenges. You can hardly find better evidence than your success and achievements in the previous place of work. Yet, it’s not enough just to mention such details in your CV or cover letter. It’s necessary to provide some docs from previous hirers, prove the employment verification phone number. Moreover, such documents can be tangible benefits if your opponents can’t provide the same records about their work experience. So, they can help you win competition for filling positions.

At the same time, employers are also interested in employment verification service. If you are a business owner, you definitely want to know who you are going to hire. It’s not always possible to talk in person with former employers of your potential coworkers. That’s why it’s a good idea to complete verification online. There are several reasons why you should consider doing this:

  • Your business can suffer serious losses

Unqualified workers are not able to solve tasks effectively. They need more time for standard operations. The risks of mistakes are higher. All these can lead to financial loss and broken deadlines. That’s why you need to make sure you hire experienced and qualified workers.

  • The reputation of your business can be negatively affected

When you hire a person, you want to be sure that they are able to perform the duties well. If mistakes happen all the time, it may affect the reputation of your enterprise. You can hardly find a business owner who wants to cooperate with a company whose workers always miss the deadlines and present poor-quality work. To avoid this, you should check the qualification and reputation of the job applicants.

Moreover, verification is a must when it comes to issuing or taking out loans. If a borrower is going to buy a new house or car, it is necessary to prove their income. The best way to do this is through the check of the related statement Sometimes, there are also verification requests from government agencies.

If done manually, verification requires great amounts of work; sometimes it may take several weeks to receive the needed data. Our service helps you get all the needed documents related to your new hires, their info, and other essential things hassle-free. Our specialists know how to gather and process information. They know how to form the requests in order to get the answers as soon as possible.

Finally, there are several helpful tips on how to use our employment verification website smoothly. Before you opt for the platform, you should clarify why you need the verification. Lenders, landlords, or collection agencies need different data. Depending on it, you can set the necessary criteria for gathering the needed data.

The next point is deadlines. Sometimes, it’s not possible to complete the verification process lightning-fast.

One of the most frequently asked questions is what period of time the employment verification should cover. The standard term is 7 years unless other requirements are stated. Yet, SSN employment verification data is stored for at least four years. You should keep it in mind.

It’s also necessary to follow a consistent and fair background verification policy without biases and discrimination. It should be always considered in accordance with the job position.

Using our service is the best way to save time and cut hassle with automated employment verification. We do the most monotonous work for you, you enjoy the awesome results.

Talking about the information that includes a person's work experience, professional skills, and income, employers often really need sophisticated checks. This type of verification is considered to be reliable since it deals only with official and checked information. At the same time, verification is a rather difficult and challenging process. You have to send an official request to get the data. It may take up to several weeks to receive an answer.

Our platform offers tailored services that can help you gather all the needed data fast and easily. You don’t need to deal with tiresome red tape procedures. Our experts will check all the needed forms and blanks for you. Our service is good for both employees and employers. And it’s totally safe because we value our clients, their privacy, and personal life. Check it yourself!

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