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Digital identity verification that protects your business and safeguards growth.

Identity Verification: A Key to Safe and Secure Business Growth

Commerce, gaming, banking, and insurance are only a few industries that are increasing their online presence today. No wonder the issue of identity verification is of prime importance. If you still do not know what it is and why it’s so crucial, the safety of your online business is in doubt. The same is true about traditional offline companies. If you do not know your clients or partners, you risk losing your money.
No matter what online business you are in, your safety and safety of your customers should be a priority. We offer you to try the first-rate services that allow you to verify identity of any of your clients lightning-fast. Our platform provides a solution to both beginner entrepreneurs and business sharks.

Verify Identity: It’s Easy and Trouble-Free

If you think that the account verification process is complicated and time-consuming, you are right. It may take up to a week to find and check the needed data unless you work with us. Our service allows you to cope with this task in 20 minutes. With the help of scanners, readers, and online interviewing, we process and analyze large amounts of information quickly and accurately. Our identity verification services are good for both private and corporate clients.
Everything you should do is download a special identity verification app or software, install it, and boost your online business. It’s worth highlighting that the possibility of error is minimal while it’s not only the technology who analyzes the data. Our experts supervise and monitor the process too.

All You Need to Know about Account Verification

Our main aim is to provide a flawless online identity verification service. It’s not only about checking IDs. We offer you the following verification identity services:
Document checking tools. There are many ways the customer can provide their docs. The easiest ones are via scanning or online demonstration. Biometric recognition is considered to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy ways to get identity verified. Address validation. Many agencies need to know the real address of their clients. To avoid fraud, we offer to validate the address online. Social logins. We offer an effective way to verify the customers through their social logins. It’s a good way to get info about the person. This is not a complete list of services we provide when verifying identity of customers.

Essential Advantages of our Platform

Identity validation has a number of significant benefits. It’s available to everyone. It doesn’t matter where you live and what language you speak. Everything you need is a computer or a mobile phone and an Internet connection. Our service is:

  • Fast. It takes up to 20 minutes to verify a person;
  • Reliable. You may trust the results you get;
  • Thorough. We offer checking info: name, age, payment capacity, etc.
The next significant advantage is that we allow you to boost the onboarding process. It benefits your reputation and ratings, too. People prefer using services and platforms that take minimum time for verification. Moreover, you can’t but appreciate our pricing policy. You pay only for the services you order. Reasonable prices and quality service make our platform far-reaching.

Useful Tips for Using Our Service

The whole process is simple and straightforward. Neither you nor your customers should go anywhere to check the truth. Just download an app or software. The task of customers is to provide the needed identity verification document and photos. Sometimes, a video interview is required too.

Is an ID verification check needed? It’s up to you to define what type of information you want to get. It’s possible to gather a full profile of the customer. Or, you may need just an email and a phone number of the person. For some, an electronic signature is a must.

A clear and comprehensive interface allows everyone to use identity verification solutions. It’s necessary to fill in all the fields and attach screens or photos of the documents.

Overall, it’s impossible to achieve success in the digital space if you do not pay attention to security and protection. Identity verification online is the first step to take in order to create a safe business environment and provide quality services. Our platform is a helpful and effective tool to identify potential clients. For all our customers, we have significant advantages that may turn into game-changers.

So, the question isn’t how to verify identity online. It’s rather why one should do this. And here are the three major reasons for it:

  • Protect yourself from scammers. Alongside online business, online fraud is developing. An elaborate con artist is able to create an impeccable profile to defeat the vigilance even of the most experienced entrepreneur. These days there are various methods and tricks that allow scammers to bypass the standard security check. Fishing, hacking, remote access scam, malware, and ransomware happen quite often. We provide you with an identity verification solution that helps you save money and reputation.
  • Get rid of fake clients. Nobody wants to waste time on customers who are not going to buy goods or services. People who do not want to purchase your products, often create fake profiles. We help you clarify whether this or that person is real or not. Online verification is the best way to do this.
  • Feel confident. When you know who you are working with, you feel calm and self-assured. Stop worrying about your business safety and sift out undesirable or suspicious clients.

Moving further, we should admit that there is a large number of companies that need assistance with verified identity. Some of these teams want to keep security high. Others want to combat fraudulent users. Finally, there are companies that just need personal info for proper work. Anyways, the most essential of these brands and industries are the following:

  • Financial institutions. Every business that deals with funds and money needs to know all the information about regular or potential clients. Otherwise, they risk suffering serious losses. During all the major and a lot of minor financial operations, you may see the request “Verification needed”. It’s especially true about applying for loans, exchanging currencies, or even paying the bills. And it’s okay because financial systems protect customers with these checks.
  • E-commerce. Even when selling clothes or food, nobody wants to be cheated. Now, more owners of online shops implement customer identity verification solutions and safeguard their businesses in such a way. Thus, both parties can be safe: buyers aren’t afraid of cheating while businesses protect their companies and products or services. While ID checks may seem redundant, they help a lot.
  • Blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are a popular trend nowadays. It seems so attractive and promising to earn money via investing and trading without much effort. Yet, if you don’t want to become a victim of fraud, you should take protective measures. In case of blockchain solutions, businesses and regular participants can implement more advanced verification stuff. These solutions are based on the idea of decentralization, digital footprint, and immutable records.
  • Insurance agencies. Sometimes, it’s important to know not only the client but also their background. It’s crucial when it comes to insurance. In this case, performing extensive verification is rather helpful and convenient. Again, proper checks can help both sides, protecting underwriters from cheating and ensuring customers in fair insurance delivery.

All in all, we offer a wide range of software tools for ID verifications. With us, it’s possible to pick up the right variant for any situation. Our ID verification systems function seamlessly. We help you save time and reduce the onboarding costs. You feel calm and confident in every client you work with as you get a detailed report about the identity check done.
Nowadays, safety comes first. We come second to help you cope with digital fraud and scams. Identity verification software is an ideal solution for everyone who wants to get rid of problems connected with fickle clients or partners. Moreover, we are able to integrate with other tools. When you choose our platform, all processes run automatically. It means you don’t need to worry about KYC.
To sum up, we’d like to highlight that we take care of clients and do everything possible to provide them with the best verification technologies. You can simply contact us and express your wishes or requirements. And we will make sure to find the most appropriate tool for your situation. Don’t hesitate to implement a verification module and protect yourself and your counterparties.

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