The Best KYC and KYC Crypto Services For Modern Businesses

KYC services for modern business

How well do you know your customers? Do you want to better understand who your new clients are before onboarding them? If that's the case, our customer identity verification services are the perfect fit for your business. For companies, it is imperative to have a good understanding of who their clients are and what they are up to.

Not every customer engages in legitimate activities. To ensure that you are dealing with people with a clean record, it is crucial to run a background check on them. This is where our verification services come in handy. Before emphasizing why you should trust us as a provider of KYC services, let's take a look at what KYC and KYC crypto entail.

What is KYC crypto?

In general, KYC means a customer verification process, which helps money services businesses to understand the background of their customers. Understanding it means getting a better picture of their source of income, their current business dealings, and if they comply with KYC regulations. Knowing your client is a crucial process in cryptocurrency transactions because of the nature of blockchain technology. There is little disclosure in the industry. This leaves room for criminals to conceal their shady activity. This is why KYC crypto is a must in this niche.

Any modern business that cares about security and scalability should invest in KYC. Industries that cover real estate, banking, cryptocurrency, investment, payments, and insurance handle lots of money transactions and require KYC.

KYC compliance

KYC-compliant businesses are those companies, which have taken measures to conduct KYC checks on all their customers. Different countries have different laws and regulations governing KYC compliance.

Generally, most financial institutions and money services businesses have to comply with KYC regulations put into place by the governing bodies in the countries where they operate. Failure to comply with the KYC regulations will lead to revocation of the business permit or even complete closure of the company. The cryptocurrency players are notorious for involvement in illegal activity. A lot of criminals use cryptocurrencies to launder their loot. This is why it is now mandatory for any cryptocurrency financial service provider to be KYC crypto compliant. Otherwise, they risk losing their business.

Does my business require KYC compliance?

Not every business has to be KYC-compliant but it is a good practice to conduct KYC verification before offering services to new customers. There are, however, businesses in specific industries, which must be KYC-compliant by law. If your company operates in the high-risk niche, then you most probably need to meet the KYC AML requirements before you can acquire the license to run the business. These include businesses in the real estate, banking, cryptocurrency, investment, payments, and insurance industries.

If you are not sure whether you need to implement KYC check policies or not, just drop us a message and we will advise you accordingly. If you have already decided on KYC appropriateness for your business, start using our solution.

Why use KYC services

Before your business becomes KYC-compliant, you should introduce the following measures:

  • Verify the identity of all customers and potential investors;
  • Verify the financial background of the customer. This involves ascertaining the source of the money they intend to use for your services. You have to verify that the source of the money is legitimate and is not in contravention of any laws or regulations;
  • Monitor the deals of the client to ensure they don't indulge in any potentially illegal activities;
  • Ensure customer due diligence.
If you seek KYC services, look no further than Identance. But before providing reasons why you should hire us for KYC needs, here is an insight into our KYC process. Our KYC service is as follows.

Customer Identification
The building block of our know your client service is a robust customer identification system, which helps us serve clients from virtually any country in the world. We provide both KYC cryptocurrency services and a traditional KYC process. We have invested in the best software to ensure that we stay on top of the game and meet all the necessary KYC requirements. With our customer identification and verification system, we can tell if someone is genuinely who they claim to be. Our KYC software also features data and fraud detection systems, so we can verify any identification document from any country. We obligatorily check basic personal details such as the legal name of the customer, date of birth, address, and ID number. Our verification process is quick, seamless, and void of any errors.

Customer Due Diligence Programs
Once a customer is positively verified, the next KYC means is used. That is a customer due diligence program. This helps us to ascertain if a client's dealings are legitimate. As you can see the KYC ID number validation is not enough to prove that your potential customer is reliable. Depending on the volume and nature of the business, the customer due diligence programs differ. Measures that would be sufficient for real estate may not be applicable to KYC finance verification. Because of the risks involved, customers with large investments undergo a more thorough screening to protect the interests of the company and its stakeholders.

Continuous Monitoring
We keep our eyes open even after the KYC data analysis. Our monitoring services are always maintained. This helps us to pick up suspicious trends even if it is years after successful onboarding. If a change in the client’s transactions or the volume of transactions is detected, our KYC services system will alert you for heightened surveillance. Our KYC tools will spot unusual activity within your clients' network and bring it to the fore. You will then be able to swiftly act before it is too late.
Now that you have an idea of how our services work, why should you hire Identance? Here are the reasons why it is a perfect choice for KYC banking, cryptocurrency, finance, and other niches.

We have made it easy for you to integrate our services into your day-to-day operations. We have developed a KYC API, which helps our end-users to add it to their web platforms or mobile applications. Our API is simple to use as well. Still, if your development team needs any assistance in using it, we are always on hand to instruct them.

Multiplatform Support
Whether your digital business targets mobile users or PC users, we have a solution for every platform. We have a fast-running mobile app, which is immediately available for download. This will make your KYC process on the go very easy. At the same time, you can opt to use our website to try out our services. Whatever platform you are on, Identance has got you covered.

We have dedicated all our efforts to accurate online customer identity verification. So, we can state with confidence that we are specialists in this field. We have invested in the latest technology to ensure that we remain on top of the KYC providers’ list.
We also have enough experience to warrant professionalism and excellent results. It is not surprising, therefore, that some of the world's best digital companies employ our services.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your customer identity verification solutions. Besides identity verification, we offer address verification, employment verification, KYC AML services, appropriateness tests, etc.
There is no limit to KYC applications. You can hire us for multiple tasks and we will always deliver. We will be there to help you in one way or the other along your journey to success.

Of all the KYC providers in the market, we boast of timely service delivery. We have streamlined our service to ensure that you get the results in a matter of minutes. This efficiency helps you onboard the right customers in the shortest time possible and scale your business.

Here at Identance, we understand the significance of security when it comes to conducting online businesses. We understand the risks involved if one is not KYC-compliant. We, therefore, strive to offer a service void of errors. Our margin of error is minuscule because we understand that the stakes are too big. Besides, we keep in mind the GDPR requirements and keep a balance between business security and customer privacy.

Around the Clock Customer Support
It doesn't matter where or when you need technical support, we will always be there to help you. No wonder our customers regard us as the best in the business. Whatever online business you are into, ensure that you invest in KYC. The world is going digital. Soon, most of the transactions in the world will be Internet-based. Stay ahead of the game by opting for efficient KYC finance, cryptocurrency, and even KYC ICO services. Contact us here at Identance today.

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