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Make identity verification for AML and KYC compliance work for you.

Bitcoin Exchange | Bitcoin Trading - CEX.IO

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Performing KYC/AML checks is a regulatory requirement for digital asset companies like CEX.IO. To become the crypto exchange of the future, CEX.IO needed to go above and beyond the regulations in knowing their customers and identifying those attempting to commit identity fraud in order to create accounts.

  • 24%
    Increase in the number of customers onboarded
  • 50%
    Decrease in the
    average time to onboard
  • 37%
    Increase in positive verification decisions
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  • Optimize your business

    Staying compliant can add significantly to your operational costs, thanks to manual review, but it doesn’t have to. IDENTANCE helps you scale cost-effectively by using a hybrid of AI, rule-based approach and human experts, and streamlining the process to reduce your internal costs.

  • Better user experience

    IDENTANCE helps you balance both priorities with user-centric design, adding extra smoothness to areas where you need to ask your customers for more data to verify their identity. For example, IDENTANCE's OCR Autofill extracts data from their identity document and uses it to automatically prefill the sign up form, so they don’t even need to type. And our SDKs work across all platforms, from desktop to tablet and smartphone, so users can pick what works for them.

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