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Verification made easy. Define fraud quickly and efficiently.

Companies that care about their customers are looking for user-friendly ways to define fraud. IDENTANCE offers a way to check fraud by verifying users quickly and easily.

Global coverage

From onboarding and verification to ongoing authentication, we offer a complete solution to know, verify, and trust your customers worldwide.



The services we provide are available in 246 countries. You can verify the identity of your clients independently of their location.



IDENTANCE supports 9000+ document types and the list is updating. Clients can use their national documents of different types.



Our verification services are presented in 82 languages. Multi-Language support allows you to attract more clients all over the world.

Check Fraud with our Mobile and Web SDK

The IDENTANCE SDK is applicable to both Mobile and Web versions of sites and provides you with a complex verification solution for your business. This way you can eliminate bank fraud and keep clients posting themselves as somebody else away.

This option comes with some brand customization opportunities. Means, you can change the appearance of the interface by setting colors and themes that fit your business. This does not mean that you can remove blocks or make any structural alterations. However, if you need to customize your fraud analyst this much, there is an option to make the integration by API.

Dashboard for compliance

Efficient fraud detection requires orderliness. This can be reached by using the dashboard that helps you track how many of your clients have passed through the identity check and credit card fraud detection.

The dashboard offered by IDENTANCE organizes uploaded data and assists in checking if the verification of each particular client is completed. Using the dashboard, you can see who your users are, what documents they have uploaded, and if their verification is approved, pending, or rejected. In the case, if the application of some user is rejected, you can find the reason for it and assist in solving their problem. Additionally, this tool provides you with an opportunity to check the identity fraud map and analyze your audience so you can make efficient business decisions.

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Integration by API

Integration by API enables the cross applications data search by specific patterns to find possible fraudsters. Customizable Expert System available to onboard the user by your own rules can protect you from suspicious personalities. The service checks the fraud alert Experian credit bureau and other reliable sources and allows the verification of trustworthy users only.

If you want to integrate the verification solution via an API (or Application Programming Interface), our team of specialists is ready to assist you. This option allows the full customization of the verification service in accordance with your preferences. It provides both guaranteed fraud prevention and opportunities to make a wide range of design settings.

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Stop bank fraud: solutions for different industries

Many industries are familiar with a fraud risk. From chargeback fraud to identity fraud UK, European, and USA-based businesses are facing threats everywhere.

Financial services
Health care
Sharing economy

Flexible integration

Whether you are on the web or a mobile device, we make it easy for you to integrate into any platform thanks to our API backend which has you up and running in hours. Eliminate both employee fraud and suspicious users with ease.

Our Mission

We want to provide transparency and security to businesses worldwide through our stringent compliance checks

Identity verification

We guarantee fast verification and onboarding of reliable clients. To check people’s trustworthiness, we provide a photo and facial recognition services.

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KYC is a process of checking if your clients are those persons who they claim to be. To access your services, the user will need to meet KYC requirements.

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Document verification

Guarantees that documents provided by the user are valid and real. The check of user’s documents saves your business from suspicious personalities.

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AML protects from financial aid fraud and money laundering. This fraud detection solution prevents criminals from using illegally obtained funds on your service.

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Identity and card fraud detection using learning machines enable opportunities for check of unique biological characteristics such as face through or fingerprints.

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Address verification

Our fraud detection system enables checking if the address indicated by the user really exists. This can be a measure of ID card fraud detection.

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Responsible for rejecting fraudsters from using your services. We offer a verification solution that guarantees the protection of your business.

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Employment verification

To secure your business, perform an identity and passport fraud check of your employees. IDENTANCE can help you prevent both internal and external fraud

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