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About us

Providing Verification Services to Ensure Global Trust

eCommerce and digital banking are on the rise — and these are just the two industries that attract cyber fraudsters most. The global loss of digital fraud worldwide is projected to reach $100 billion by 2023.

That’s why protecting your online business from fraud today makes the most sense. We at Identance have developed an all-in-one anti-fraud and transaction monitoring, powering it with smart and fraud-sensitive AI algorithms.

Meet Indentance

Identance stands for transparency, security, and convenience. That’s why we have developed the best-in-class fraud protection solution that promises seamless user onboarding, cross-platform compatibility, and fraud prevention opportunities.

We also did our best to ensure proper compliance and follow the best data protection practices to protect the businesses of our customers from illegal activity.

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Story Behind the Project

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The idea of the Identance project was inspired by the KYC functionality we have created for the CEX.IO cryptocurrency exchange service. During the development process, we discovered that modern businesses demand more than just identity verification. Considering the stable growth of online fraud across the industries, we decided to separate from the exchange and create a separate company to deliver more advanced fraud protection solutions.

Our nine years of experience in verifying and onboarding users of the crypto and fintech industries enriched us with customer-centric and data-driven insights on how to create an outstanding anti-fraud application that will suit the customers from multiple niches and secure the experience of their clients. Now, we help companies from fintech, gaming, and other industries deliver seamless onboarding and identity verification experiences to their users.

Mission We Stick To
Our mission is to protect honest and transparent businesses from fraudsters of all kinds — including those who pretend to be your loyal customers. With this goal in mind, we developed an all-in-one data security solution for automated decision making, risk management, fraud detection and prevention, customer identity verification, and onboarding. It is equipped with a business intelligence (BI) system for smart data gathering, analysis, and visual reporting. Our software is aimed at providing ultimate transparency and security globally using top-notch compliance practices.

Building a Safer Place for Businesses Online

Dealing with online fraud will always be challenging. That’s why we developed Identance with several goals in mind, creating the opportunities to solve multiple business problems at once.

All-in-one compliance and business intelligence tool.

Staying compliant and having your essential data in a single place becomes possible with Identance. Our visual BI dashboard gathers, analyzes, and extracts business-critical data on fraudulent attempts.

Quick and seamless remote customer verification and onboarding.

While most customers understand the importance of data protection, they are still annoyed by excessively long onboarding and multiple verifications. Our solution solves this task by delivering a seamless onboarding and verification experience.

Custom risk-based approach for any business case and vertical.

We have developed Identance as a flexible solution to meet multiple business needs. The only thing you can’t change about it is its technical power and the ultimate protection features it comes with.

Effective identity fraud prevention.

Identity fraud is on the rise since personal data is the easiest to get. Our solution helps you unmask the scammers pretending to be your customers.

Trust Us With Identification of Your Customers

Feel like Identance is the solution that suits your business needs and customers’ expectations? Find out more about the ways it can create more value and security to your online business. Schedule a free call with our top experts right now to get started with better compliance and data protection!

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