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Proof of Address and Source of Funds Verification Services

We deliver comprehensive Customer Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence services that can meet global AML compliance needs.


Proof of Address (PoA)

What is the Proof of Address?

Proof of Address (PoA) is pretty self-explanatory: refers to a document that verifies where you live. Also known as proof of residence.

Why it's important to prove the Proof of Address?

It's an important part of the Customer Due Diligence process (CDD), also known as Know Your Customer (KYC) onboarding, during which the customer should prove his identity documents like Passport or ID card, as well as the residential address to check nationality and establishes the customer as a citizen of a certain country.


Source of Funds (SoF)

What is the Source of Funds?

Source of Funds (SoF) refers to the origin of the funds used for the transactions or activities that occur within the business relationship or occasional transaction.

Why it's important to prove the Source of Funds?

It is primarily based on FATF recommendations and guidance, the EU AML Directive and ICPAC’s Directive on AML compliance. Establishing a Source of Funds is suggested Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) measure for all high-risk clients in addition to checking for PEPs and Sanctions matches.

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Supported address documents

Bank statement

Utility bill

Lease agreement

Voter registration card

Driver's license

Tax slip

Bank statement

Utility bill

Lease agreement

Voter registration card

Driver's license

Tax slip

supported address documents image

Download the full list of supported address documents to get more insights.

3 Ways of verifying POA/SOF documents


Automated decision

With automated decision-making process you can get up to 45% accuracy rate. Our AI system will check PoA/SoF document for Photoshop and forgery, confirm the accuracy of the provided document format vs supported templates and do automated OCR Address fields extraction.


Manual decision

With manual decision-making process you can get up to 97% accuracy rate. Our compliance experts will check PoA/SoF document for Photoshop and forgery, and confirm the accuracy of the provided document and extract Address text fields. The average SLA is 5 minutes.


Hybrid decision-making

With hybrid decision-making process you can get up to 99% accuracy rate. Fist decision is made by our AI system, then it's being delivered to our compliance officers for manual review and final decision-making process. This type of verification is more efficient to combat fraudulent cases.

Address anti-fraud features

Geo-location data check
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IP address vs Residence document cross-check
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On-demand manual review by our compliance officers
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How to verify PoA and SoF documents?

It's never been so easy to adjust the document via Photoshop or other image editors. That's why we offer a robust proof of address and source of funds verification technology to prevent such cases.

Here is what we do:

Confirm the accuracy of document format against the government-supported templates or utility providers' templates;

Detect forgery and Photoshop by checking metadata of the image;

Extract the text of the address line via automated OCR (optical character recognition);

Manually review suspicious cases or high-risk cases, when the automated decision has a low-accuracy rate;

and much more!

Choose a suitable pricing plan with address verification

Enhanced KYC

You will get:
  • 50 verifications/month
  • $2.11/verification

Enhanced Due Diligence

You will get:
  • 100 verifications/month
  • $2.37/verification

Why Choose Us

What our customers say

As a trusted partner, Identance provides periodic feedback to improve the KYC process. They stay in close contact with our operations teams and are open to cooperation to reduce cases of fraud.

Tuba Kodamanoğlu

Head of Customer Support

SG Veteris (Koinal)

Good job, team! The guys from Identance have created a service that fully covers the requirements of the crypto world. Identance has provided all the tools we needed to secure our business. Thank you for your exceptional service!

Sam Kaploushenko


As a regulated cryptocurrency exchange platform, we must carefully comply with legal requirements and implement a comprehensive KYC procedure. We chose Identance as a reliable solution to carry out onboarding for our clients and automate our KYC process.

Alex Lutskevych



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How can I make the order?

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What if I don’t know what plan I need?

Don't worry if you're unsure about which plan is best for you. Our sales team will help you in this matter and advise you on the most suitable option to suit your needs. To do this, please contact them at [email protected] and they will get back to you quickly!

What payment options do you provide for clients?

There are 2 payment methods available for your choice:

1) You can select suitable pricing plan on our website and pay online via credit card

2) If you want to receive a custom proposal for our services, you can contact us via email [email protected] and pay via Wire Transfer or via credit card

Do you have a money back guarantee?

The refund and cancellation policy can be found in our Terms and Conditions by clicking on the link here:

Terms and Conditions

If you are not satisfied with the service, please let us know of your complaints by emailing [email protected] or via the chat facility built into the website. We promise to contact you as soon as possible and do your best to resolve the problem.

How can I change my service plan?

If you see your customer numbers changing, we will be happy to provide you with new conditions.

If you have picked one of the four basic pricing plans on our website, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time and switch to the new package yourself online in your Client Cabinet.

If you have a personal pricing plan, just let us know if you want to change it. Our email address is [email protected] or contact your Account Manager directly.

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Can I get video consultation with your specialist?

Our sales team is always happy to provide you with up-to-date and accurate information. Please email us at [email protected] or leave your email address in the chat room so that we can arrange a video call with you. See you soon!

Address Verification Tools for Individuals and Businesses

Helping any business deal with address verification quickly and easily. We use an innovative verification system that ensures business scalability, battles fraud, as well as reduces cases of undelivered mail.

If you are interested in address verification tools, get a consultation at Identance.

Verify the Client in Real Time With Postal Address Verification

Postal address verification is an essential part of most KYC procedures. And run-of-the-mill verification solutions will usually parse effortlessly through local addresses that use a pre-defined template in the language of the business’ native geolocation. However, when it comes to international addresses, the process is a little trickier, as it requires the system algorithms to recognize multiple different data formats and languages.

With Identance, you can rest assured to get efficient local and international address verification. Our vast database of document templates, together with high-precision scanners and readers, ensures a quick and accurate verification process. The algorithm is able to recognize a wide variety of languages, symbols, and document prototypes. This allows for seamless international onboarding and considerably increases the customer base for businesses.

Improve Customers’ Engagement With Email Address Verification

We provide another essential feature — email address verification. Email verification is crucial in avoiding spam accounts in the business’ contact book. Moreover, correct email addresses allow you to better engage with your customers and avoid hard bounces on your promotions and marketing campaigns.

At Identance, we verify email addresses both in real-time and through batch cleaning processes. We do this by validating the combination of domains and usernames. Powerful APIs ensure that only real email addresses are collected. All in all, the email verification process allows businesses to conduct relevant marketing campaigns and collect pertinent analytics with genuine customer emails.

Advanced Address Verification Service With Clear Algorithm

Different businesses use different approaches to their KYC process, depending on their customer data usage. Often, a mixed bag of different methods including biometrics and official documents are necessary to provide relevant and compliant data.

Identance has proven to be able to streamline this seemingly complicated process. Here’s a detailed overview of how we do it.

User Submits Required Documents

Depending on the purpose of the verification, users can submit a wide range of different documents to prove their address. These may include recent documents (2-3 months old) such as electric bills, payment checks, bank statements, etc.

The Tool Extracts Main Data

In this next step, our algorithm proceeds to recognize the data from the submitted documents, extract it, and translate it into usable information. More importantly, the algorithm recognizes advanced formatting, including different languages and symbols, as well as holograms.

The Software Checks Documents’ Validity

Going further, the software proceeds to check whether documents present any kind of modification or sign of fraud. Document tampering will immediately produce red flags with the algorithm and lead to rejection.

The Algorithm Accesses Global Database

Next, the algorithm accesses the global database of document templates to be able to standardize the received data. This allows complete compliance with KYC regulation, regardless of the provenance of the documents or the residence of the customers.

The System Verifies Provided Data

Finally, the system cross-references the obtained data with the database and the information provided by the user. This last step ensures that the data is compliant and that the user’s identity and address correspond to the submitted information.

Address Validation Becomes Easier Than It Looks

Tax evasion, fraud, money laundering are common issues for many businesses nowadays. They can be avoided with the implementation of a verification procedure called Know Your Customer (KYC), part of which is address verification.

However, extracting this data manually from every customer can be an incredibly tedious process. It’s subject to human error, which can lead to bad addresses and flawed mail delivery.

That is why we are focusing on developing address verification software that ensures the automation of the process and the accuracy of provided personal information. Among other features, our software has the following characteristics:

  • Works with any type of device;
  • Flexibility and transformability;
  • Implementation under white-label contracts;
  • The possibility of customization and alteration;
  • KYC and AML compliance.

The identance team will help you easily integrate our address verification service that can start working within minutes.

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