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Identity verification is simple!

Verify your customer's identity documents from 246 countries with ease. More than 9,000 identity document types are supported from all around the globe.

We support the most common ID document types:

  • Passport
  • ID card
  • Driving license

Download the full list of supported documents & countries


Our Compliance

Identance compliance program helps to address the issue of the constantly changing legal regulations. We help you stay up-to-date with the newest industry standards.

How KYC verification works

Download the app

To get the highest accuracy rate, we offer native iOS and Android applications, which could be integrated directly into your own app via SDK.

Scan ID document

It's easy to make a real-time photo of an identity document with the built-in mobile phone camera.

Automated OCR

We support more than 80 languages to make the customer journey easy. Our OCR technology can recognise and export text fields from the ID documents within seconds.

Facial verification & liveness check

Eliminate identity fraud with the active liveness check and biometric face matching technology.

Verification results

Once the verification process is complete, you get the final results and can review them in the back office.

Identance application

Download Application

Talk to our sales, view a demo, and see with your own eyes what to expect from our product.

All you want from a KYC provider

Easy integration

With our simple integration and dedicated technical assistance from our team, you can get started within 7 days.

Competitive pricing

Each penny counts, we know that! Talk to our sales experts to get a dedicated pricing quote according to your business size and needs.

High accuracy

We make sure you're constantly getting the most accurate verification response from us.

Quick verification response

Get your customers verified within 30+ seconds.

Easy integration

With our simple integration and dedicated technical assistance from our team, you can get started within 7 days.

Competitive pricing

Each penny counts, we know that! Talk to our sales experts to get a dedicated pricing quote according to your business size and needs.

High accuracy

We make sure you're constantly getting the most accurate verification response from us.

Quick verification response

Get your customers verified within 30+ seconds.

Watch Identance demo

Take a look at the way our solution works to provide you with a seamless identity verification experience.

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Want to know how our system works?


Thousands of customers love us and regularly share feedback!

As a trusted partner, Identance provides periodic feedback to improve the KYC process. They stay in close contact with our operations teams and are open to cooperation to reduce cases of fraud.

Tuba Kodamanoğlu
Tuba Kodamanoğlu

Head of Customer Support SG Veteris (Koinal)

Good job, team! The guys from Identance have created a service that fully covers the requirements of the crypto world. Identance has provided all the tools we needed to secure our business. Thank you for your exceptional service!

Sam Kaploushenko
Sam Kaploushenko


As a regulated cryptocurrency exchange platform, we must carefully comply with legal requirements and implement a comprehensive KYC procedure. We chose Identance as a reliable solution to carry out onboarding for our clients and automate our KYC process.

Alex Lutskevych
Alex Lutskevych


Pricing for startups and small businesses

Identance offers cost-effective programs for every type and size of business. Check out our free trial and choose a fitting option.

Basic KYC

You will get:
  • 50 verifications/month
  • $1.01/verification

Enhanced KYC

You will get:
  • 50 verifications/month
  • $2.11/verification

Basic Due Diligence

You will get:
  • 100 verifications/month
  • $1.44/verification

Enhanced Due Diligence

You will get:
  • 100 verifications/month
  • $2.37/verification

KYC Verification Services for Modern Businesses

Many businesses are required to implement KYC checks as a necessary regulation to verify the customers before allowing them to use your service or purchase your products. Identance can help you facilitate KYC onboarding for every user. Integrate KYC for your products and get automated sanction checks, adverse media screening, and ongoing monitoring.

Meet Legal Requirements With KYC Compliance Solutions

As the number of people purchasing goods and services online increases, so does the level of cybercrime targeted towards online businesses. According to Insurance Information Institute, there have been more than four million identity theft and fraud complaints in 2020 alone.

One way to put a stop to that is focusing on keeping your business security top-notch, with firewalls, SSL, and other encryption methods.

But that’s often not enough, as you are required to identify people who use your business on the web, which is possible using KYC. KYC verification is required by regulators around the globe, and Identance’s solutions are designed to be fully compliant with the law.

Figuring Out What KYC Verification Is

So, how exactly does KYC verification help businesses? When a user wants to buy something online, they have all the means to conceal their identity, and that paves the way to illegal activities. KYC puts a stop to that by identifying your customers. KYC is legally required for many businesses around the world.

Not every business needs KYC, though. Most use cases belong to money services and crypto companies. After all, fraudsters often use such services to launder money or finance illegal organizations.

Some industries that see a lot of transactions going both ways are real estate, banking, crypto, investment, payments, and insurance. If you’re one of those businesses, the chances are you need KYC.

If you are in doubt whether or not your business needs KYC, drop us a line, and our consultants will review your individual situation.

Digital KYC Identity Verification Approaching Any Industry Regulations

Identance provides a full-scale online identity verification solution, and our team has dedicated a lot of effort to each service, including full KYC compliance.

KYC Software for Identity Verification

Ensure that your customers are who they claim to be by using Identance’s KYC identity verification. Our system provides seamless KYC for any business, including crypto-related companies, which can benefit from our specialized crypto KYC verification service. Our software can efficiently and quickly verify data and detect fraud in any ID document from any country.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Process

Confirming your customer’s identity isn’t your only tool in user verification. If needed, you can also do a deeper check of the customer. Identance offers customer due diligence (CDD) to confirm the reliability of the customers. Every CDD program is different based on the type of your business and the customer’s transaction volumes. Customers who make more significant investments on your platform will undergo more thorough screening.

Real-Time Monitoring Service

After completing the KYC data analysis, Identance will continue to monitor your business. This could help you identify suspicious trends and behaviors from your customers even if you went years without them. For example, if our system notices a considerable increase in the amount of money that a customer spends on your platform, it will increase surveillance for them and let you know. In short, every unusual activity will be spotted in time so that you can act right away and prevent unfortunate scenarios.

Implement Know Your Customer Verification With Identance

Identance makes sure that every client receives a tailored service that makes your business KYC compliant anywhere.

Constant Customer Support

We provide round-the-clock support no matter where you are. Feel free to reach out to get your questions answered or simply to learn more about Identance. Identance will make sure that you’re always one step ahead when it comes to KYC, offering top-notch services to finance and crypto businesses, and many other firms as well.

Custom Designed Verification Solutions

Identance is a one-stop shop for every type of identity verification your business might require. Apart from KYC, we offer a range of other services related to ID verification, including address verification, employment verification, AML, appropriateness test, and more. Reach out to find out more about all Identance has to offer.

Result-Focused Services

We have streamlined our service delivery process, meaning you can integrate your KYC and other solutions in a matter of minutes. One of many things that makes Identance stand out is our client onboarding efficiency and scalability opportunities for your business.

Risk-Resilient Technology

Identance understands the risks of compromised security, as well as the dangers of not being compliant. That’s why we strive to offer an error-free service. Therefore, any business wanting to implement our KYC and other solutions can rest assured they’ll enjoy maximum protection when it comes to any kind of identity verification. On top of that, we’re GDPR-compliant at all times and ensure the perfect balance between business security and customer privacy.

Have Doubts? Book a Demo of KYC Compliance Solution

Our team is always ready to assist you with your KYC. Make sure to reach out to learn more or experience our demo and see how Identance works in practice.

Want to get a dedicated price quote or ask questions?