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Identity verification is simple!

Verify your customer's identity documents from 246 countries with ease. More than 9,000 identity document types are supported from all around the globe.

We support the most common ID document types:

  • Passport
  • ID card
  • Driving license

Identance provides a secure KYC service for verifying Ukrainian citizens who flee their homes for seeking shelter and job opportunities in Europe

IDENTANCE official statement

About Identance

Identance is a Ukrainian-based identity verification service that was founded in 2019.

Since then, we’ve been offering AI-based KYC services for verifying identity documents in 246 countries around the globe — including Ukraine, of course. We cover more than 9,000 document types such as passports, ID cards, and driving licenses, and perform anti-spoofing and photoshop checks to prove document originality.

Our OCR (optical character recognition) technology automatically extracts text fields from ID documents, such as first name, last name, date of birth, issue date, and other parameters, so there is no need to input these data manually for the user or the compliance manager. At the same time, we verify facial liveness and perform biometric face matching to cross-check the face from the ID document with the face on the provided selfie. This combination of techniques helps us combat fraud and verify identity in a secure and effective manner.


Our aim during the Russian invasion


Since 99% of our employees are from Ukraine, we feel the same pain as our compatriots who are suffering from the Russian invasion and believe that every company can and should join the effort of combating evil.

Thus, we want to do everything possible to help our country and our nation. Our team is ready to provide our Identity Verification/KYC services to European organisations and projects designed to help Ukrainians find shelter and job opportunities within Europe and other countries so that they can verify Ukrainian citizens in an efficient manner.

In order to make this cooperation beneficial, we're offering a discount of up to 50% off from our standard pricing.

In addition, we will send 10% of all income generated from such cooperation to the Ukrainian Army, Caritas Ukraine, Doctors Without Borders, and the National Bank of Ukraine!

If you want to support the Ukrainian army directly, please find the payment details here:

We believe that our strong nation will defeat the enemy and our citizens will soon return and build a new and flourishing Ukraine!

Dmytro Kolodii


Why it's so important to implement identity verification?

Enable remote verification of Ukrainian refugees

Perform proper Due Diligence (CDD)

Achieve a better level of security and mitigate risks

We provide KYC services to organisations that help Ukrainian refugees settle within Europe and beyond

Apartment rental services

There are two main purposes of implementing KYC services in real estate and apartment rental business:


Verifying the identity of EU-based landlords


Verifying the identity of refugees from Ukraine

- can help in both cases.

Job search portals

Providing job opportunities to Ukrainian refugees is a very generous measure, and we are thankful to all EU-based companies who are ready to consider candidates from Ukraine.

In order to help you verify the identities of Ukrainian candidates, we are ready to provide a secure KYC service.

Candidate identity verification
Location: Ukraine

Shelters for Ukrainian refugees

Charities, churches, community groups, and individuals are currently providing shelter for Ukrainian refugees.

In order to secure them from malicious and fraudulent individuals, Identance is offering an AI-based KYC solution.

Refugee identity verification
Location: Ukraine

Other organisations who want to help Ukrainian refugees settle in their country

Our company provides professional KYC services for verifying identity in 246 countries. Get in touch with us to learn details about possible cooperation with us.


Get in touch with us to integrate our KYC and Identity verification service into your project

What identity documents do we support for verifying Ukrainian citizens?


National passport


ID card


Driving license


Travel passport

How KYC verification works

Scan or upload ID document

It's easy to make a real-time photo of an identity document with the built-in mobile phone camera.

Automated text extraction with the OCR

We support more than 80 languages to make the customer journey easy. Within seconds, our OCR technology can recognise and export text fields from ID documents such as first name, last name, date of birth, issue date, expiry date, etc.

Facial verification & liveness check

Eliminate identity fraud with an active liveness check and biometric face-matching technology.

Verification results

Once the verification process is complete, you get the final results and can review them in the back office.

Want to implement our identity verification service in your project?

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Professional consultation
Personal pricing offer with up to 50% discount
15-days trial account

Easy Mobile SDK and API integration

We provide a wide range of integration methods to deliver high-quality identity verification services.

Our team consists of highly motivated and skilled specialists that have created great functionality and features to meet global KYC and AML regulatory requirements.

We are devoted to creating unique and innovative customer onboarding solutions.

If you want to try out our KYC or AML services, please download the application

Special discount for organizations who want to verify the identity of Ukrainian refugees


Basic KYC

$105 /month
$51 /month

You will get:

  • 50 verifications/month
  • $1.01/verification

Leave your contact information to get a personal pricing offer.

For organisations that provide services for helping Ukrainian refugees settle down in a foreign country, we are offering a special discount of up to 50% off our basic price.

Help Ukraine: Identity Verification of Refugees

On February 24th, the life of each Ukrainian dramatically changed because of the Russian invasion. Today, you can hardly find anyone who hasn’t heard or read about the Russian-Ukrainian war, as it is exposed across all media channels.

The terror and genocide started by Russia have affected every Ukrainian industry and region. The invasion deteriorated both demographic and ecological situations and caused an economic crisis. It also negatively impacted the economy of countries that have had partner agreements with Ukraine.

Consider the following facts verified by world-leading organizations:

  • More than 6,000 civilian casualties have been recorded as of the end of April 2022. 210 killed children are among these cases, according to Statista.com, based on the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) information.
  • Ukraine’s economy is expected to be reduced by 45.1% in 2022, according to The World Bank.
  • More than 12 million people have fled their homes in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion, and over 5.7 million of them have left for the neighboring countries, according to the BBC news agency.
  • Over 30% of Ukraine’s infrastructure was damaged or destroyed because of the Russian invasion, and financial losses amounted to as high as $100 billion, according to the Reuters news agency.
  • Some locations, including the infamous Mariupol, have been razed to the ground, according to the Reuters news agency.

Ukrainian people are screaming out for help. They need citizens of other countries to come out for protests, donate to the Ukrainian Army, and fight on the informational frontline by reposting the horrible pictures of the destroyed homes and victims of Russian terror.

Many Ukraine helpers have already given millions of our refugees shelter. If you feel the need to support those standing their ground for freedom and those trying to survive, there are ways you can do that, even if you live far from the affected territories.

How Can I Help Ukraine? – Proven Ways to Provide Your Aid

Ukrainians have been resisting the attacks of Russian troops for more than 10 weeks, and the achievements made by volunteers go way beyond human imagination. Every day, people donate to the Ukrainian army, support volunteers, aid refugees, and help ones left without means of being self-sustained. Today, millions of people around the world contribute by gathering funds, sending supplies, hosting Ukrainians, and exposing the terrifying consequences of this war on social media.

So, how to help Ukraine right now?

See Opportunities How to Help the Ukrainian Army

The Armed Forces of Ukraine comprise thousands of well-trained soldiers. They are severely outnumbered but keep fighting for the freedom and independence of their country. Each of them is ready to contribute their life to victory. You do not have to fill their ranks to help. But Ukrainian non-profitable organizations gather huge funds to support the Ukrainian Army with military equipment, and anyone can donate to Ukraine this way.

So far, the special fundraising account opened to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine has received donations in the amount of more than $537.6 million. By contributing to the Ukrainian army, you help soldiers protect their country from the invasion and save the global economy from the long-term consequences of this military conflict elaboration.

Learn Real Ways to Support Volunteers

Volunteering is equally essential, as human resources are needed to offer sufficient assistance to everyone who has suffered from the war. Volunteers help establish and support Ukrainian charity funds, locate the needed supplies, transport refugees, and coordinate the distribution of money raised from donations.

Some of the ways to support volunteers are:

  • Donate money to Ukraine and volunteering organizations. This will help them deliver more support and potentially save the lives of people struggling to fill their families’ plates or members of territorial defense that do not have sufficient military equipment such as vests or night vision devices.
  • Donate food and clothes to refugees. All items will be delivered to cities that are currently under occupation and to people that managed to get out of locations where military events take place.
  • Support Ukraine in the field of informational warfare. Help organize protests and calls to the local governments asking them to act. It is especially crucial in countries where politicians hesitate to allocate resources to support Ukraine.

No matter what your location is or what your financial capabilities are, you can take part in protecting the freedom and independence of an entire nation through the means of volunteering.

Sign Up as a Volunteer Yourself

Another essential contribution you can make to Ukraine — become a volunteer. There are options both in Ukraine and overseas:

  • Help the nearest Ukrainian refugee service center. Coordinate people who arrived in the neighboring countries, help them get the essentials, find a shelter, help them with contacts of the local kindergartens and schools, and assist in searching for a job position. Also, you can provide psychological support to those in need.
  • Coordinate humanitarian help. Help gather the essentials in your city and send them to the war areas in Ukraine. Besides, Ukrainian soldiers need military equipment, medicine, fuel, food, and other life-saving supplies.

Why volunteering may seem like the smallest thing you can do, it is actually the human contact that is most valuable to people who are fleeing from war.

Discover How You Can Aid Ukrainian Refugees

Most Ukrainian refugees have escaped war zones with little to no luggage, so the essential things they need are food, clothes, and shelter. If you wonder how to help Ukraine, you can do it by donating the necessary goods, food, or money to charity organizations is your opportunity.

In case you have space available for rent, you can become a host for refugees. Ukrainians are also in great need of local job opportunities. So, if you have some contacts to share, it is already great assistance.

How to Help Ukraine and Its People: Useful Resources

In Ukraine charity movements gather donations from all around the world. Below we provide links to influential organizations that help the Ukrainian people.

Charity Organizations Helping Ukraine

Here you’ll find some of the influential services that are continuously helping Ukrainian people that need any kind of support: from food and clothing to medications and psychological assistance. These platforms are the best way to send money to Ukraine.

  • World Central Kitchen. WCK by Jose Andres is serving meals to people in need. They joined the ranks of Ukrainian helpers in the early days of the Russian invasion in February. They are currently helping Ukrainian refugees in Poland and Romania.
  • Razom. This project offers emergency response during an extreme and unforeseen situation in Ukraine. They assist in multiple ways, from logistics services to engineering support.
  • UNICEF USA. This organization provides healthcare assistance, nutrition, and informational support to all victims of war.
  • SOS Ukraine. This community focuses on people who've been forced to leave their homes and need humanitarian assistance such as food, clothing, medication, etc.
  • United Help Ukraine. This organization assembles first aid kits and other emergency medical supplies and delivers them to the front lines.

Services to Become a Host

If you’re searching for other methods apart from donating money to Ukraine and have free rooms to share — become a host! Some useful resources are listed below.

Resources to Offer Job Opportunities

Ukrainian citizens are known among employers as hard workers and professionals in multiple industries such as IT, business, marketing, construction, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, and many others. Offering them a job position via the links to international platforms below is always the right call.

Alternatively, you may post the offers via the popular Ukrainian platforms like rabota.ua and work.ua.

Join Peaceful Protest in Your Country

If used properly, your voice can turn into a weapon. Today, all social media channels expose thousands of events to support Ukrainians. Most of them can be easily searched by #StandforUkraine. Putting this hashtag under your posts may be a way to raise donations for Ukraine and a great chance to draw more attention to this terrible war. It will help call the local governments to action and keep reminding them that thousands of innocent people are being murdered daily until the invaders are defeated.

What Else Can You Do to Take Action?

For everyone asking themselves “how can I help Ukraine” — whatever you do matters. The support from countries worldwide allows Ukrainians to keep fighting for their freedom and independence.

Staying informed is also important. Share useful information and articles that expose the consequences of this war, learn the most recent updates from different sources, and discuss events that are taking place with others. After all, winning in informational warfare today is almost equally important to fighting battles in eastern Ukraine.

All contributions are appreciated, no matter the size and form. We all believe that “Life will win over death, and the light will win over darkness,” as president Zelensky said.

Let’s restore peace in Ukraine together!

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